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  • Carmans trapping lures

    Eastern wildlife trapping supplies carrys a large supplie of carmans trapping lures including pros choice .canine call.blackfoot.mega musk..also his bushwackers fox and coyote bait and his sweet meat for ct canine trapping..www.trappingsuppliesct.com

  • Rubber jaw traps for sale in ct

    Eastern wildlife trapping supplies carrys all types of rubber jaw traps all legal in CT...MB550s ..Victor 3 padded jaw traps in 2 and 4 coil...foral all your trapping supplie nees in ct go to www.trappingsuppliesct.com

  • comstock cage traps

    we sell comstock cage traps from his squirrel traps to the comstock cage trap call eastern wildlife trapping supplies 203-235-1318 

  • Post Featured Image

    lures and baits

    eastern wildlife trapping supplies caryys all your bait and lure needs for fur trapping and wildlife removal we carry carmans .dunlaps.blackies blend.on target ADC baits and lures also mark junes lures and JP wilsons lures and baits

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