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  • Beaver Castor

    Beaver Castor

    Beaver castor...(ground)....a heavy paste of 100% pure beaver castor..we buy and grind it the shop in ct..I sell out every year...great for all critters....not just beaver.… $5.50 Select Options
  • Muskrat glands

    Muskrat glands

    Ground and preserved fresh muskrat glands.....use these  for making lures of all kinds....all critters love the smell of muskrat glands..... $5.50 Select Options
  • Bobcat glands

    Bobcat glands

    Bobcat glands...fresh ground and preserved....these are some of the best glands on the market..we searched for the best glands we could find...these are the same ones we use in our… $6.00 Select Options
  • Coyote glands

    Coyote glands

    Wilderness brand coyote glands you can be sure when you order our glands that what you are getting no fillers here these are some of the best coyote glands on the market if you mak… $6.00 Select Options
  • Mink Glands

    Mink Glands

    Mink Glands that are fresh ground and preserved we take pride in our glands at being some of the best on the market you can use theses for making your own mink lures they are top n… $6.00 Select Options
  • Beaver meat 16 oz

    Beaver meat 16 oz

    Ground beaver meat we take fresh beaver meat and grind it up nice then we preserve it and when its ready we jar it up beaver meat is a great base for baits that work for bobcats co… $7.00