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  • Bear hunting scent (anise oil)

    Bear hunting scent (anise oil)

    This is Chinese anise oil that's great for bear hunting and trapping.....great for spring or fall bear hunting...also great for makeing trapping lures for raccoon and muskrats $5.00 Select Options
  • Beaver castor...100% pure

    Beaver castor...100% pure

    This is 100% pure beaver castor...bears love beaver castor and the scent of beaver castor....this is pure ground castor....if you use scents for bear need to try… $5.00 Select Options
  • Anise paste bait

    Anise paste bait

    This is a great bear hunting paste bait...has a strong smell of raw anise oil and a hint of honey ...can be used with other bear baits ..donuts. fish .beaver meat or beaver castor.… $5.50
  • Zehrs doe in heat deer lure

    Zehrs doe in heat deer lure

    Zehrs DOE IN HEAT BUCK LURE.....this is a great deer lure that really gets those big bucks to come in....this is a top notch DOE IN HEAT BUCK LURE....only used during the rut......… $6.00 Select Options
  • Trail's End #307

    Trail's End #307

    The Smell Your Trophy Buck Has Been Waiting For! Extremely effective All Season & Rut $8.99
  • Minnesota Brand Buck Lure

    Minnesota Brand Buck Lure

    Minnesota brand buck lure is great all season long works for early bow season all the way to the rut repeat sales every year tell us this is a good one $9.99
  • Fox Hollow's Big Game Paste Bait

    Fox Hollow's Big Game Paste Bait

    Premium Hunting Scents: Guaranteed to attract Deer, Elk, Moose, Bear & Wild Hogs $7.90
  • Soft bear scents

    Soft bear scents

    These are some great scent pods they are great to hang or nail to a tree around your bait stations for bear we have 4 flavors for bear Grape Shellfish Raspberry and the best seller… $9.00
  • Cronks bear lure

    Cronks bear lure

    Cronks long distance bear call lure this is one of the countrys best lures for bear  works for sping and fall bear hunting use at bait stations  $10.00
  • Beaver meat 16 0z

    Beaver meat 16 0z

    Ground beaver meat is a great bait for bear hunting stations use alone of mix in some of our beaver castor bears will go crazy for it this is a preserved meat and will not rot put … $7.00
  • Pure buck urine

    Pure buck urine

    buck urine 100% whitetail buck urine has a scentless preservative so it stays fresh  $17.00 Select Options