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  • Shell Fish Supreme Bait

    Shell Fish Supreme Bait

    Wilderness Brand Shell Fish Supreme BaitThis is my pride and joy .I made this bait for raccoons but  in testing it caught more coyotes than coon. its still a great coon and mi… $8.50 Select Options
  • Slym Jym bait

    Slym Jym bait

    This is my DP coon bait I call Slym Jym has a fish base and more under tone smells that really make coon work a DP trap...don't let that fool you cause its a great bait for pocket … $8.50 Select Options
  • Don-Apple bait

    Don-Apple bait

    I call this Don -Apple its a fruit based bait with a very strong smell of apples but also a sweet under tone smell this is a great bait for ADC & fur trapping it works great on… $8.00 Select Options
  • BERRY SWEET paste bait

    BERRY SWEET paste bait

    This is a fruite based paste bait that i call BERRY SWEET........It has a strong smell of fresh ripe berrys...this is a great ADC bait for raccoons...skunks and possums.Also try th… $0.00
  • CORN PATCH paste bait

    CORN PATCH paste bait

    This a pasted bait called ...CORN has a sweet strong smell of fresh sweet corn....this is a great summer ADC bait thats great on skunks and raccoons...also great in the … $7.50
  • Squirrel & Chipmunk Lure

    Squirrel & Chipmunk Lure

    Wilderness Brand Squirrel & Chipmunk LureWe made and started testing this lure in the spring of 2016, test results were amazing! There are not many squirrel or chipmunk lures o… $5.00 Select Options
  • Mellow Meat

    Mellow Meat

    Wilderness Brand Mellow meat....mellow meat was made for the critters to eat..beaver meat based with a touch of oil and glands makes this a killer bait for canines and cats and fis… $8.00 Select Options